English First Paper suggestions for SSC 2018

English First Paper suggestions for SSC 2018


Skills Q. No Test Items Item Marks
Part: A

Reading Test


Seen Passage-01
1 MCQ 07
2 Answering questions 10
Seen Passage-02
3 Without Clues 05
Unseen Passage
4 Information Transfer 05
5 Summarizing 10
6 Matching 05
7 Rearranging 08
Part: B

Writing Test


8 Paragraph 10
9 Story 10
10 Graphs/ Charts 10
11 Informal Letter(Letter) 10
12 Dialogue 10






Part: A –Reading Test–Seen Comprehension (For Question No. 1+2=Marks 17 Question No. 3=5 Marks

MQ Unit, Lesson Lesson/ Topics Name Passage Remarks
1 U-1,L-1 Can you live alone? Long ago, a young man found life in the family in his village full of problems and suffering.
2 U-1,L-2 Knowledge, skills and attitudes To be a good citizen, you have to prepare yourself to do good work in cociety.
3 U-1,L-4 Responsibilities A responsibility is a duty or an obligation to do someting.
4 U-2,

L-1 (B)

Have you any favorite pastime Tuya : Anusha, what happens? you’ve sports trousers, T-shirts, sports shoes and a carry bag! where are you coming from? And you look tired!
5 U-2,


Yoga: Tap into the many health benefits Suppose your kids are demanding the latest video game, your boss wants that report done today by five.
6 U-2, L-2 Reading really helps! With the curtains closing on the 2012 London Olympics, it’s  impossible not to look back and reflect on the greatest performances by Olympic
7 U-2, L-3 Change in pastime  Traditional childhood pastimes of climbing trees and playing conkers are in decline, according to survey by the RSPB
8 U-2,-L-4 Change in pastimes in Bangladesh Hello everyone! My name is Tiya. My friend, Anusha and I are going to do a presentation on Pastime Habits of  Classes 9 and 10 students in our school.
9 U-2,  L-5(A) Tiya : Anusha, I really wonder how pastimes very from genertion to generation.
10 U-2,  L-5(B) Young people’s changing attitudes to pastime There is change in people’s trends towards favourite pastimes.
11 U-3,L-2 May Day May Day or International Workers Day is observed on May I all over the world today to commemorate the historical struggle and sacrifices of the 3 Schools in the Test Question
12 U-3,L-3 Int. Mot. Lan. Day-1 21 February is a memorable day in our national history.
13 U-3, L-4 Int. Mot. Lan. Day-2 21 February has been observed as Shaheed Dibosh every year throughout the contutry in remembrance of the martyrs of language movement of 1952.
14 U-3, L-5 Independence Day 26 March, our Independence Day, Is the biggest state festival.
15 U-3, L-6 Pahela Baishakh Pahela Boishakh is the first day of Bangla new year. 3 Schools in the Test Question
16 U-4, L-1 The ferry boat “Is there anybody here who has ever crossed a river by a boat?”
17 U-4, L-2 Are we too many The nextday when the teacher came to the class and wha about to start the lesson.
18 U-4, L-3 Our food and shelter The class comes up with different problems.
19 U-4, L-4 The story of Lipi The year before last, Lipi, 14-year old girl, had been in class 9 in a rural school in Rangpur.
20 U-4, L-5(D) Ms. Choudhury “Today there are many jobs where you need English.
21 U-5, L-1 The greed of the roaring rivers Meherjan lives in a slum on the Sirajgonj Town Protection Embankment. Her Polythene roofed shelter looks like a cage. 2 Schools in the Test Question
22 U-5,L-2 Environment Pollution Bangladesh is now apparently in the grip of all sorts of pollution like air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution.
23 U-5, L-3 Man and Climate Humans  can neither change the sun’s radiation nor the earth’s orbit around the sun. 5 Schools in the Test Question
24 U-5,L-4 Putting our fish in hot water Fish population is in serious danger from global warming.
25 U-5, L-5 A friend of the earth Everyone must play a part in protecting the environment.
26 U-6, L-1 Nepal, the land of Everest Known as the Land of Everest, Nepal is one of the most charming countries in Asia.
27 U-6, L-2 Sri Lanka  When someone comes to Sri Lanka, they may often hear the word Ayuboiuan.
28 U-6, L-3 The Maldives  The Republic of Maldives is an island country in the Indian Ocean. 3 Schools in the Test Question
29 U-6, L-4 India : Unity within diversity  India is our closet neighbour. It is the Largest among south Asian Countrues.
30 U-6, L-5 Bhutan : The land of happiness Bhutan is called the jewel of the Eastern Himalayas.
31 U-7, L-1 Zainul Abedin, the great artist The pioneer of Bangladeshi modern art Zainul Abedin is widely acclaimed for his Bengal ‘Famine Sketches’ 4 Schools in the Test Question
32 U-7, L-2 The art of Silence In the primitive age communications took place between humans through sings and gestures.
33 U-7, L-3 Flash back Partha Pratim Majumder was born in 1954 in Pabna to a family of artists. 5 Schools in the Test Question
34 U-7, L-4 The beginning It was Autumn. 7 Schools in the Test Question
35 U-7, L-6 Love for humanity Mother Teresa was moved by the presence of the sick and dying on the streets of Kolkata. 9 Schools in the Test Question
36 U-7, L-7 The wizard of apple Steven Paul Jobs (24 February 1955-5 October 2011), most popularly known as Steve jobs was the co-founder, chairman and chirf executive officer of Apple inc. 3 Schools in the Test Question
37 U-7,L-8 Job’s childhood A car mechanic Paul Jobs and his wife Clare jobs adopted Steve jobs.
38 U-8,L-1 The Shat Gumbuj Mosque                Heritage is what we inherit from the past, live with them in the present and then pass on to our children of future generation. 12 Schools in the Test Question
39 U-8,L-2 The Somapura Mahavihara          Paharpur  is an important archaeological site situated in a village named ‘Paharpur’ in Naogaon district of northern Bangladesh. 2 Schools in the Test Question
40 U-8,L-3 The Statue of Liberty The French Sculptor Fredic Auguste Bartholdi was assigned to design and compleate a sculpture within 1876, so that it could be a gift for the Americans on the occasion. 6 Schools in the Test Question
41 U-8,L-4 Lake Baikal Lake Baikal is the depest and one of the biggest and most ancient lakes of the world. 8 Schools in the Test Question
42 U-9,L-1 Job’ around I know you will wonder if I say the best thing that ever happened to me was when I lost my last job.
43 U-9,L-3 Floral career Have you ever thought of very delicvate career? Have you dreamt of a rosy environment  full of colour and fragrance ? 5 Schools in the Test Question
44 U-10,L-3-B They had dreams 1 pritilata was born in Chittagong on 5 May , 1911. 11 Schools in the Test Question
45 U-10,L-4 They had dreams 2 Zahir Rahman was one of the most talented film makers in Bangladesh. 10 Schools in the Test Question
46 U-11,L-1 Renewable Energy


Sohan lives in a village in the south –was part of Bangladesh.
47 U-11,L-2 Renewable Energy


In a speech at the 90th Science Congress, internationally acknowledged scientist and former Indian president Mr APJ a
48 U-11,L-3 Renewable Energy


Countries of the world rely heavily on petroleum, coal and natural gas for their energy sources 5 Schools in the Test Question
49 U-12,L-1 My roots Eid is the main religious festival or the Muslims in Bangladesh.
50 U-12,L-2 My roots–2 Maunul Islam is a qualified farmer in Naogaon.
51 U-12.,L-3 The return of the native Michael Madhusudan Dutt was a popular 19th-century Bengli poet and dramatust.
52 U-13, L-2 Social Network services The advantages of the internet technology have made it possible to emerge a good number of web sites to facilitate social relations among people around the world. 3 Schools in the Test Question
53 U-13-L-3 E–learning Can you think of a classroom where there is no blackboard or desks? Do you believe that you can be a students without
54 U-14,L-6 The Purple Jar–1 Rosamond, a little girl about seven years old, was walking
55 U-14,L-7 The Purple Jar–2 This time Rosamond was really disappointed as her mother
56 U-14, L-8 The Purple Jar–3 Rosamond and her mother were going back to the chemist’s
57 U-14, L-9 A Pound of Flesh Once upon a time in Venice, there was a very rich merchant
58 U-14,L-10 The Three Caskets Bassanio went to Belmont to visit portia grandly dressed.
59 U-14,L-11 The trial When Bassanio reached Venice, Antonio was already in the
60 U-14, L-12 The Customers Oficer’s Story -1 I was a custom- house officer in 1827. At that time there wa
61 U-14, L-13 The Customers Oficer’s Story -2 One dark December afternoon, a letter, but of a different na
62 U-14, L-14 The Customers Oficer’s Story -3 I took my lonely way up the high cliffs, It was all dark and
63 U-14, L-15 The Customers Oficer’s Story -4 I was swinging half over the cliff and the men were preparing to throw








Unseen Comprehension (For Question No. 4+5) (10 Marks)

SL Topics     Remarks
1 Stephen Hawking
2 Nelson Mendella
3 Abraham Linkon
4 People don’t eat the same thing
5 Albert Einstein
6 The environment
7 Charsles Babbage
8 Interpol
9 Begum Sufia
10 Munir Chowdhury
11 Sir Jagadish
12 Neil Armstrong
13 William Blake
14 George Bernerd
15 Romna Park
16 The first president of America
17 Zahir Rayhan
18 Mother Teresa
19 P. B Shelly
20 Humaon Ahmed
21 Humaon was the eldest
22 Ranada Prosad Saha
23 Munshe Abdur Rouf
24 Winston Churchil
25 Dr. Kutrat-e-Khuda
26 Galileo
27 Louis Pateur
28 Sher-e-Bangla




For Question No. 6(Substitution tables) & 7(Re-arranging) = 13 Marks: Follow Test Paper


Re-arrnagement List:

  1. Cristopher Marlow was a great predecessor of W. Shakespeare
  2. Robert Bruce, the king of Scotland, was an ardent patriot and gallant soldier.
  3. Nazrul Islam was born on the 20th May, 1899 in Burdwan.
  4. Dr. Zoha
  5. Eztraordinary natural beauties of Cox’s Bazar
  6. Sir Walter Scott was both a poet and novelist.
  7. Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) was born in the Quraish family of Makka in 570. A.D.
  8.  There was a farmer on the deathbed.
  9. The Nobel prize is the world’s most important prize
  10. An Arab ship was carring a party of Muslims from Ceylon to Makka for the Hajj.
  11. In the American war of independence, a corporal and a party of soldiers were sent to
  12. Stephen Hawking was born in an educated family.
  13. Once there was a farmer in a village.
  14. The television is the most important medium of communicaton of thoughts and ideas.
  15.      Milton was a great poet after Shakespeare.
  16. Once an American, a Fenchman and an Englishman had been to Mexico city,
  17. Kazi Nazrul Islam, our national poet, was born in 1899.
  18. Once there lived a shrewd barbar in a village who pretended to know everything.
  19. Long ago, king lear who had three daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia, was ruling Britain.
  20. George Washington, the first President of America, was born ib 1732 in Virginia.
  21. Yes, No, Very well

22             Kazi Nazrul Islam

  1. Once there lived a farmer in a village who had a few acres of land
  2. Hazrat Bayazid Bostami
  3. Ibn-I-Botuta
  4. One day, a grocer borrowed a balance and weights from a fruit seller
  5. Once a was hunting in the forest
  6. Socretis
  7. Florence Nightingale was born in Florence in 1820
  8. Bangladesh is a small populous country
  9. Hatem Tai
  10. Mother Terasa
  11. Nambi
  12. Emily Dickenson
  13. Gazi Salauddin
  14. Hamlet
  15. The fox told the turtle that its body was so much hard
  16. Stefen Hawking
  17. Feroza’s childhood was very suffering
  18. The modern Olampic Games were held in 776 BC
  19. Once there lived a farmer in a village who had three sons
  20. One day a rich man lost his purse and thought that his purse had been stolen by someone of his servants

43             Kazi Nazrul Islam was born in 1899 in the district of Burdhwan in West Bengal

  1. Once there lived a emperor who was once informed that some of subject in a distant province revolt
  2. Sher-E-Bangla Fazlul Haque was in 1872 at Saturia in Borisal




Part-B—- Writing Test—–50  (Follow the Bold Color paragraph from the list)

Paragraph First Paper Board
  Based on Everyday Problem / Based on  Problematic  Paragraph
1 Environment pollution -water+air+arsenic DB-06,12; RB-05, DB-16, SY-16, RB-16, Com-16
2 Load shedding
3 Traffic Jam DB-13; RB-11,07; CB-08, 06; BB-07,04; SB-9, JB–15, RB-17, JB-17
4 Price Hike
5 Junk Food / Food Adulteration DB-04
6 Deforestation  
  Based on  Importance
7 Mobile Phone/ Computer
8 Tree plantation DB-06,12; CtgB-10;SB-12; Djb-09, Chi-15, BB-16, Din-16
9 A book fair DB-10; RB-09; JB-13, CB-12; CtgB-11; SB-10;BB-10;DjB-12
10 A book fair that you have visited DB-10; RB-09; JB-13, CB-12; CtgB-11; SB-10;BB-10;DjB-12,


11 International  mother language  day  
12 Our National Flag/ National Flag ChiB-17
13 Grameen Bank
14 Early rising
15 May Day CtgB-07
16 Pahela Baikhsha CtgB-04
17 A School Magazine DB-11; RB-08,04CB-10; CtgB-13; SB-06; BB-08, 16
  Based on Place & Materials
18 A school library RB-10; JB-09; CB-13; Ctgb-09; SB-13,08; DjB-10, Com-2015
19 A Tea Stall JB-08,06; Sb-11; BB-09; DjB-13
20 A bus stand JB-05; CtgB-08
21 A Railway Station RB-12, DinB-17
  Based on Personal Experience  / Based on Descriptive
22 Visiting a  place of historical Interest CtgB-05; SB-07, DB-17
23 Your Country
24 The person you like mo CtgB-06
25 A Street Accident/ you witnessed BB-12, BB-17
26 A Wedding Ceremony DB—07
  Based on Situation / Time being:
27 A Winter Morning JB-12; CB-11,09; BB-13, Din-2015, SB-17
28 A Rainy day Syl-2015
  Based on Person
29 The life of a farmer RB-13; JB-10; B-05; DjB-10
30 A Village doctor DB-08
31 A Rickshaw Puller BB-2015
32 You favorite teacher
33 A Street Hawker DB-09, RB-2015, ComB-17
34 Life of Fisherman
35 A Day Laborer CB-07; CtgB-08
36 Your Grandmother DB-05





SL Story Board
1 suddenly he saw smoke DB-09
2 suddenly he noticed a moneybag lying beside the road SB-08; DjB-10, BB-2015
3 a poor girl, named Rina (Accursed child labour) JB-10; CtgB-07
4 A rescue boy BB-09
5 Mr. Ahmed has just completed his graduation/ (cruel fate) CtgB-13; SB-07;
6 Mr. Rahman saw a man lying senseless DB-09; DB-07; JB-09
7 all on a sudden they heard a hue and cry nearby RB-09
8 An honest Rickshaw Puller  JB-16
9 A boy and mail train/ A Ready wit a school boy
10 The Lion and the mouse RB-13; CtgB-08S; BB-13
11 The hare and the tortoise SB-13, 16, DB-17
12 Two Cats and Monkey CB-08, ChiB-17
13 A Foolish Crow JB-2015
14 Belling the Cat /

Once some mice were having a good time in the house

JB-07, Din-17
15 The thirsty crow DB-10; RB-10; JB-11; DjB-13, Chi-16, SB-17
16 The farmer and his goose/A Greedy Farmer CB-13; CtgB-11; SB-10; BB-08
17 Two friends and a bear/ A friend in need is a friend indeed DB-13, 11; RB-08; JB-18; SB-11; BB-10; DjB-11
18 The Fox Without a Tail DB-2015
19 The Fox and the Grapes  JB-17
20 The Ant and the Grass Hopper/Hard work brings success
21 The Greedy Dog
22 A Lying Cowboy / Shepherd CB-09, DB-16, RB-17, BB-17
23 An Old Man and his Quarrelsome Sons RB-11; CB-07; SB-12, RB-2015, Syl-15, ComB-17
24 Bayzid Bostami/Devotion to Bayazid to his mother SB-09; BB-11, Din-15, Com-15, BB-16
25 Sheikh Sadi JB-12, Chi-15
26 Wood Cutter/ Honesty is the Best Policy DB-12; CB-11; CtB-09; DjB-12
27 Hamelion
28 The King and the Spider/ Robert Bruce RB-16, Din-16
29 Golden Touch/ King Midas  
30 Once upon a time there were three tortoises- a father, a mother and a baby. One day, they decided to go for a picnic  
31 Hazrat Abdul Quadir Zilani Com-16





SL Letter Board
1 invite to picnic on a place of historical interest RB-10; JB-10;JB-04;CB-10,06;SB-12;BB-08; DjB-12
2  Bangladesh and her people SB’08; DB’07, Com-17, SB-17,
3 food and food habit of people RB-07; CB’05;SB’06;BB’09
4 new place and new food  DB’04
5 inviting him to the birthday party DB’05; JB’12
6 Thanking him for birthday present DjB-10, RB-17, BB-17
7 thanking him for his hospitality DB-06; RB-09;CB-11; CtgB-11; SB-10; BB-13
8 congratulation on his brilliant result DB-12; RB- 12,08; JB-08; CB-12,08;CtgB-10,07; Sb-09; BB-11,04,06; DjB-13, RB-2015, ChiB-2015
9 how you have enjoyed the picnic
10 Co-Curricular activities of your school DB-08, DB-17, JB-17
11 The benefit/importance of reading newspaper JB-13; CtgB-13,09, Chi-16
12 Expressing your condolence
13 Your progress to studies/ Preparation for the exam (letter & email) JB-07, Din-2015, Com—2015, Din-2015,DIn-16
14 What you intend to do after the SSC DB-11, RB-11,06; JB-11,06;CB-13; CtgB-08; SB-11; BB-10,06; DjB-09, Com-16, SB-16
15 The train journey you have made


16 Sports day of your school/Prize Giving ceremony DB-09; CtgB-05, JB-16, -DB-email-16
17 How you Spent the last summer Vacation/ Requesting him to spent a few days in summer vacation  BB-16, ChiB-17
18 Describing the Accident you witnessed
19 Importance of learning English SB-13
20 How to learn/ improve English DB-2015
21 Importance of Physical Exercise CB-09, Din-17
22 Experience of your first plane journey.   
23 To your friend for giving up smoking Syl–2015
24 Describing your country BB—2015
25 Permission to play a friendly football / cricket match JB-2015
26 About the experience of visiting a new place RB-16
27 How to eradicate illiteracy Com-17






Analyzing graphs and charts, diagrams and table:

  1. Rubi’s/ Rahima’s (a student) time spending on different activities.————————–JB–2015           
  2. Monthwise attendance of Asif/ Akbar——————————————————————-BB–2015
  3. Girls’ education. ———————————————————————————————–Com-2015
  4. The Internet Users (in Lac) in town and villages———————————–DB-2015, Chi-,Com-17
  5. Some information about some activities including Bangladesh—————————–Din–2015
  6. The comparative selling rates for types of book in Ekushey boi mela 2013—-RB-2016, Syl-2015, RB-17
  7. The choice of profession by different educated people ———————–Chi–2015, JB-17, Chi-17
  8. The percentage of a family’s household income distributed into different categories— DB–2015
  9. The number of Telephone and Mobile Phone Users——————————————-JB-21, Sy—16
  10. The Numbers of People Living Below the Poverty Line from 1995 to 2010—————Com-2016
  11. Literacy Rate of Bangladesh in different years (Percentage)————————Din—2016, DB-17
  12. Population Growth Rate (Percentage) in Bangladesh——————————————–DinB-17
  13. Import & export———————————————————————————————-DB-16
  14. The graph below shows the results of SSC exam of ABC Secondary School from 2008 to 2012—SB-17
  15. A pie-chart on the interest of the students of a secondary school in different subjects BB–2016
  16. Rate of habits of taking tea and coffee in ——————————————————————–BB-17
  17. Change in pastimes in Bangladesh—————————————————–(Unit—02, Lessen–04)
  18. Young People’s changing attitude to pastimes————————————-(Unit—02, Lessen–05) 20.  Elderly peoples changing attitude to pastime in a community—————-(Unit—02, Lessen–05)                         



  1. Average temperature of the year in Bangladesh
  2. More education: Better Health Care
  3. Population of Bangladesh (in million)
  4. Iran’s scores in the examination on various subjects
  5. Educatied girl.
  6. ILO (International Labour Organization
  7. Rights of the citizen.
  8. Under privileged children’s education programmes.
  9. Diagrams of ——- star, Asteroids, Comets, Meteors.
  10. Comparing and contrasting the Shat Gombuj Mosque with the Star Mosque.
  11. Labour Force
  12. Imports (Billions)
  13. Exports (Billions)
  14. Life Expectancy at Birth (Years)
  15. Infant Mortality Rate (death/1.000 infants)
  16. Death Rate (death/1,000 population)

37  Birth Rate (births/1,000 population)

  1. Population Density ( Number of people per square kilometer)
  2. Population ( in Crore)
  3. The number of students in a school
  4. The total candidate in the SSC exam –2015
  5. GPA—5 holder in SSC Exam –2015
  6. Foreign money exchange rate in Bangladesh 2015



SL Dialogue Board
 Based on Problematic Dialogue
1  on various effects and remedies of air / environment pollution CB-10; CtgB-13; RB-07
2 About how to eradicate the illiteracy problem JB-2015
3 about the preparation for the SSC exam SB-07, RB-2015, Din–16, Chi-16
4 Bad effect of copying in the exam BB–2015
5 on population problem
6 on one of the recent problem – price hike / train accident/ cyclone DB-07
6  how load shedding is interrupting our everyday study
7 how traffic jam is interrupting our everyday study  
8 the doctor about your fever/ Alisha is a 17 year old girl. She has been suffering from fever for three days RB-08; JB-07; CB-13; SB-13, BB-17
 Based on yourself  dialogue
9 advantage and disadvantage of village life and town life RB-10; JB-08, DB-16
10 regarding your future plan after the publication of the result DB-08; SB-11
11 about your aim in life BB-10, Din-17
12 brilliant success in SSC DB-10
13 headmaster for three days leave DB-09
14 the salesman  while buying pair of shoes
15 the salesman  while buying pair of  books
16 fortune smiles upon then diligent SB-10; BB-12
17 bank manager about the procedure of opening a bank  account RB-07
19 on how to do well in the exam
20 Bad effects of smoking BB—2016
21 Between a librarian and you regarding borrowing a book Din-16
 Based on importance/ the benefit/ uses and abuses  dialogue
22 necessity/importance of tree plantation RB-13; CtgB-10; DjB-13, Syl16, Chi-17
23 about importance/ the benefit of early rising DB-12; CtgB-09
24 about importance/ the benefit of morning walk DB-12; CtgB-09, DB-2015
25 about importance/ the benefit/ uses and abuses of  mobile phone RB-12, 09; BB-08, Syl–2015, SB-17, BB-2016
26 about importance/ the benefit physical exercise Com–2015
27 about importance/ the benefit of learning computer  JB-2016
28 about the importance of learning English DB-13; JB-13, 10; CtgB-12; BB-09; DjB-12, 10
29 necessity of reading newspaper CB-11; CtgB-10; DjB-13, RB-16, Com-16
30 Setting a computer club in your school Chi—2015
31 Importance of education in the development of nation DB–2017
32 How to to improve English JB-17



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