English Revised Syllabus for SSC exam 2022

SSC Short Syllabus 2022- English PDF Download

Revised Syllabus of English 1st Paper due to Covid-19 Pandemic Only for SSC Exam 2022, Total Marks: 100

English For Today

Unit Three
Events and Festivals

Unit Four
Are We Aware?

Unit Five
Nature and Environment

Unit Seven
People Who Stand Out

Unit Ten 

Unit Eleven
Renewable Energy

Unit Twelve

Unseen Passage:

Information transfer



Note: Rearranging has been omitted to lessen the burden of the learners.


1. Writing a paragraph answering questions 

2. Completing a story 

3. Emails 

4. Writing dialogue

Graphs and charts have been excluded to minimize the burden of the learners. They may practice them at the next level.

Revised Marks Distribution of English 1st Paper due to Covid-19 Pandemic Only for SSC Exam 2022

Reading (Marks 50)

Seen passage 1

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 1x 10 = 10

Answering questions (open ended and close ended) 2×6 = 12

Seen passage 2

Gap filling without clues 1×5=5

Unseen passage

Information transfer 1×6=6

Summarizing 10

Matching 1×7=7

Writing (Marks 50)

Writing paragraph answering questions 14

Completing a story 12

Writing an email 12

Writing a dialogue 12

Revised Syllabus for SSC Examination 2022 Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Subject: English 2nd Paper


1. Gap filling activities without clues ( to test prepositions, articles, zero articles)

2. Gap filling(cloze test*) with clues ( to test vocabulary in general)

(*A Cloze Test is also a gap filling activity with recurring gaps at regular intervals at the 5th or 6th or 7th or 8th or 9th word.)

3. Substitution table 

4. Right forms of verbs 

5. Changing sentences (change of voice, change of degrees, affirmative to negative, assertive to exclamatory, exclamatory to assertive, assertive to imperative)

6. Completing sentences(Using conditionals, gerund, infinitive, participle)

7. Use of suffix and prefix 

8. Tag questions 

9. Punctuations

Writing Part

1. Writing CV with cover letter

2. Formal letters (complaint letter, notice, purchase order, responses to an order/requests etc.)

3. Writing paragraphs

Notes: Email writing and Composition writing have been omitted to reduce the burden of the learners. 

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