English Second Paper Suggestions for JSC 2018

English Second Paper Suggestions for JSC 2018

English 2nd Paper


Revised Marks Distribution of Grammar Test

30 Marks

1 Gap filling activities with or without clues (Use of Article) 03

2 Gap filling activities with or without clues (Use of Preposition) 03

3 Substitution Table 04

4 Changing Sentence (Meaning+ Degree+ Voice)

(affirmative to negative and interrogative and vice versa + from positive to comparative or superlative and versa +Active to Passive and vice versa) 05

5 Speech/ Narration 04

6 Use of Suffix and Prefix 04

7 Capitalization and Punctuation 03

8 Right Form Verb 04



Formal letter/ Application

To the Principal / Headmaster

  1.       Transfer certificate / T.C —————————————————————J.S.C-2014, BB-14
  2.       Opening/setting a common room/library facilities/ reading room——————-J.S.C-2010
  3.       for morning school ——————————————————————————-J.S.C-2010
  4.       Study tour/an excursion/a picnic—————————-J.S.C-2011+ J.S.C-2014, RB-14, SB-16
  5.       Seat in the school hostel– ———————————————————————-J.S.C-2011
  6.       Canteen———————————————————————————————–J.S.C-2012
  7.       Re-admission/ Remission of delay fine
  8.       Testimonial
  9.       Full Free studentship / Financial help / stipend
  10.     For providing more facilities  for a common room /a library / a reading room—-DinB-15
  11.     Computer Club/Literary club / Debating club
  12.     Leave of absence/advance
  13.     Half-holiday/a day’s holiday/early leave/witness a Friendly football match/ short leave


To the DC/TNO/Chairman………

  1. Relief goods for flood affected people —————————————————-J.S.C-2012
  2. For sinking a deep tube-well.
  3.   to construct a bridge over the canal/ roads
  4. To repair a damaged bridge / a roads



Group—A——-Write an E-mail to your friend

  1.     invitation to wedding ceremony / Inviting to attend the ceremony———ChiB—2014,
  2.     invitation to join Picnic ———————————————————————JB-15, ChiB-15
  3.     how you have enjoyed the picnic
  4.     Thanking her for the present/ nice gift.————————————————-JSC—2013, DB-16, BB-15
  5.     Congratulating him on his brilliant result / success—DB-2014, JB-2014, SB-2014,DB-15, ChiB-16,SB-14                                                                                                                           
  6.     about annual sports day.——————————————————————-DiB-2014
  7.       Letter of congratulation  ***
  8.       Congratulations on birthday  ***
  9.         New year’s greeting ***
  10. invitation to visit Bangladesh / invitation for visiting Bangladesh  ***
  11. request to return a/the book
  12.     Inviting to spent summer vacation——————————————————-RB-15
  13.     What lessons were taught in the class yesterday?
  14.     Condolence message to your friend.
  15.     Inviting her to go picnic with you.
  16.     Food and food habits in BD.
  17.     How to adjust to the new place and the food.
  18.     Requesting him to visit your house.
  19. Harm impact of deforestation.
  20.         Importance of group study.
  21.     Share your joys about watching a cricket matches.
  22.     Beautiful country of Bangladesh/Natural beauty of Bangladesh————–BB-16
  23.     Thanking for hospitality—————————————————————–DinB-16

24       How you physically feel after recovery an ailment.

  1.     About the maintenance of the rule of good health.
  2.     After watching a football / cricket match
  3.     about recent visit at Paharpur

 Group—B————Write an E-mail to your brother

  1.     Bad effect of smoking.
  2.     Advising him to be regular in his studies and not to adopt unfair means.
  3.     Importance of reading newspaper.
  4.     Advising him to be regular in his studies and not to adopt unfair means.
  5.     About the maintenance of the rule of good health.
  6.     To give up this destructive habits.
  7.     To be attentive to the learning of English.

  Group—C———- Write an E-mail to your father

  1. Your aim in life——————————————————————————-ComB-16
  2. Progress of Studies. / Preparation of final Examination——————–RB-16, JB-16, ComB-15
  3. How you have done in the last exam.
  4. Asking for some money for buying some books————————————–ComB-14, SB-15

  Group—D————-Write an E-mail to the  Office

  1.       Cheque cancellation  
  2.       for reserve of seat
  3.       information regarding admission procedure
SL Composition Board and Year
1 Science in everyday life/ Wonders of Modern Science J.S.C-2010, RB-15
2 Television J.S.C-2012
3 Computer  
4 Duties in Student Life J.S.C-2010, SB-16, BB-15, ChiB-15
5 Future Plan of Life/ Your Aim in Life J.S.C-2010 + J.S.C-2012+ DB-2014+RB-2014, ComB-14, ChiB-16,
6 Your Daily Life  
7 Physical Exercise J.S.C-2010
8 Newspaper/

Importance of Reading Newspaper

J.S.C-2011 +ChiB-2014, ComB-15, 16, SB-15
9 Tree Plantation  
10 Value of time  
11 Discipline  
12 A Journey you have made/

A Journey by train

J.S.C-2011, JB-2014, BB–2014, DB-115, 16, RB-16, JB-16
13 Journey by boat JB-15
14 Journey by bus  
15 The Season You Like Most J.S.C-2011, DinB-14
16 Your Favorite Hobby J.S.C-2011, J.S.C-2013, DB-14, DinB-15, BB-16
17 A Village Market J.S.C-2012
18 Your favorite game/The game you like most SB-2014
19 Your Childhood Memories  
20 A Village Fair  
21 Floods in Bangladesh J.S.C-2012
22 Unemployment problem in Bangladesh  
23 Population problem of Bangladesh  
24 Fruits of Bangladesh  


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