English suggestion for HSC 2019-Second Paper

English suggestion for HSC 2019-Second Paper


Formal Letter

  1. Multimedia facilities
  2. Study tour
  3. Computer lab/club facilities
  4. Debating club
  5. Library facilities
  6. Sound system in the classroom
  7. English language club
  8. Admission on T
  9. Stage a drama
  10. Seat in the college hostel



  1. Asking admission procedure for overseas students
  2. For relief for the flood affected people
  3. To supply some sports materials
  4. Describing your experience of interviewing a day laborer
  5. To supply some food items for your shop
  6. Soliciting your friend for the nuptial bliss of your sibling
  7. Asking for details for a tour
  8. Wishing your friend happiness in the New Year
  9. Describing your country
  10. Thanking for birthday gift



  1. Impact of Facebook on young generation
  2. Road accident
  3. Food adulteration
  4. Fire in a garment factory
  5. Drug addiction
  6. Price hike
  7. Condition for the slum dwellers
  8. Causes of students’ failure in English
  9. Prize-giving ceremony
  10. Corruption in Bangladesh



  1. Drug Addiction
  2. Internet
  3. Causes and Effects of Road Accident
  4. Facebook
  5. The Qualities and Duties of an Ideal Student
  6. Impacts of Climate Change
  7. Gender Discrimination
  8. Environment Pollution
  9. City Life and Rural Life
  10. Self-employment


  1. Childhood Memories
  2. Female Education
  3. Climate Change
  4. Students and Social Service
  5. Importance of Rivers in Bangladesh
  6. Patriotism
  7. Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh
  8. Empowerment of Woman
  9. Importance of Reading Newspaper
  10. Uses and Abuses of Satellite Channels

English suggestion for HSC 2019-Second Paper

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