Part A: Grammar (40 Marks)


1 Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct tense. Use the negatives where necessary. 1×5=5

provide leave turn be cut stop prevent Trees (a)_____useful to us in many ways. They (b) _____us with food, fruit, shade and shelter. They prevent a region from (c) _____into a desert. But it is a pity that the people of our country (d)_____trees indiscriminately. It is high time we (e) _____such an act of human cruelty towards trees.


  1. Read the following letter and fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions. 1×5=5

Dear Helal,

Yesterday I was informed (a) _____your bad habit. You are addicted (b) _____smoking! This piece of information has upset me very much. You should bear in mind that smoking is very harmful and it tells © _____health. So, you should abstain (d) _____smoking. You should not indulge (e) _____any bad habit.

Your loving elder brother



  1. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (×) mark where an article is not needed. .5×10=5

Though newspaper is not always (a) _____unmixed blessing, it is (b)_____most useful thing in our life. We rarely think of (c) _____day without reading (d) —— newspaper. Reading newspaper is one of (e) _____good habits of a man. We shall be like (f) _____frog in a dark well if we neglect developing this habit. However, some people prefer (g) _____electronic media to reading (h)-newspaper. But (i) _____newspaper offers more to its readers than (j) _____electronic media.


  1. Make meaningful sentences with the following idioms (any five). 1×5=5

keep pace with, win over, accountable to, read between the lines, skim through, Achilles’ heel, slow coach.

  1. Rewrite the following passage in the reported speech. 5

The teacher said to the boy, “Do you think that honesty is the best policy?” The boy said, “Yes, sir, I think so.” “Then, learn to be honest from your boyhood,” said the teacher. “Thank you, sir,” said the boy. “May Allah grant you a long life,” said the teacher to the boy.


  1. Read the following passage and transform the underlined sentences as directed. 1×5=5

Success will not come to one’s life automatically. (a) Do you know it? (Passive). (b) An industrious boy will shine in life (Complex). (c) A life with an assignment is an actual life (Negative). (d) None can receive any reward unless he works hard. (Simple) (e) It is evident that industry is one of the greatest virtues (Positive).


  1. Fill in the blanks with tag questions. 1×5=5

(a) A student should read the texts again and again, —?

(b) Nobody pays due respect to a dishonest man,——?

(c) “I” is a pronoun, _____?

(d) Thousands of people admired Rumi in his lifetime, _____?

(e) Deeba as well as her friends enjoyed the short film, _____?


  1. Complete the following sentences. 1×5=5

(a) Read attentively or ——.

(b) Had I been there _____?

(c) There goes the proverb that ——.

(d) It was long since _____.

(e) Do what _____.


Part B : Composition (60 Marks)

  1. Suppose you are a reporter of a national daily. You are assigned to cover a massive fire in a factory. Now, write a report on it. 10


  1. Write a composition on any one of the following. 15

(a) Patriotism; (b) Duties and Responsibilities of Students.


  1. Write an application to the Principal of your college requesting him to change one of your elective subjects. 10


  1. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about admission into a university. 10

Or, Write a summary of the following passage. A mother exercises an undeniable influence in the formation of children’s character and in shaping their life. The thing that they learn at home takes a firm root in them. And it goes without saying that this

learning they get mostly from their mother as they live under her direct supervision and constant care. If a mother fails to bring up her children properly, the mother is held responsible for their failure, not the child. If all the children become great, all the credit goes to the mothers. From this point of view, an educated mother is an asset and it is necessary to educate women folk.


  1. Complete the following story with the cue. 15

There lived a cobbler in a village. He used to maintain his family with his earnings. He was satisfied with what he got. He had a lot of happiness in his mind. One of his neighbours was a banker. One day…………………..


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