JSC English Second Paper Question 2014 RAJSHAHI BOARD

JSC English Second Paper Question 2014 RAJSHAHI BOARD


English Second Paper

Section-A: Grammar

  1. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (×) where an article is not needed:

Each and every student wants to make a good result. But it is not (a) __________ easy task. (b) __________ student has to do something for this. From (c) __________ very beginning he must be very serious. He must not make (e) __________ notes from (f) __________ common source.

  1. Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:

A good student is never indifferent (a) __________ his study. He knows well that success lies (b) __________ hard work. So he is always absorbed (c) __________ deep studies. Nothing can prevent him (d) __________ working hard. His hard work and sincerity result (e) __________ ultimate success. Everyone admires him (f) __________ his success.

  1. Make four sentences from the substitution table:













be a developed country in near future.
be disappointed at all.
be possible without national unity.
patriotism and sincerity for our development.


  1. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets:

(a) No other thing is as useful as computer. (Superlative). (b) Every student needs computer. (Negative). (c) A poor student cannot buy it. (Interrogative) (d) It is one of the greatest inventions of science. (positive). (e) It was not invented overnight. (Active).

  1. Rewrite the following passage using capitalization and punctuation:

Do you think it is easy to pass English said talha no said tabassum but why are you so careless of English I don’t feel interest in the subject oh I see

  1. Fill in the gaps in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text:

A good student is (a) mind to his studies. He is (b) respect to his (c) teach. He does not (d)honouranybody. He is free from (e) conduct. He is (f) study. He is not (g) sincere to his study. He maintains (h) punctual.

  1. Complete the following text with suitable verbs in the box with their right form:
Follow Be Succeed Stop
Make Wait Have Neglect

Time (a) __________ very valuable. This valuable time (b) __________for nobody. No power can (c) _________ it. It knows no pause in its course. It is not wise to (d) __________ time. The man who (e) __________ the best use of time is sure to (f) __________. All the famous persons of the world (g) __________ made the best use of time. They should be (h) __________ by us.

Section-B : Composition

  1. Suppose, you are Hadi/Tasbira, a student of class VIII of K. H. School, Chittagong. You are interested to go on a study tour. So, you need permission of the Headteacher. Now, write an application to the Headteacher of your school seeking permission to go on a study tour.
  2. Write a composition on the following topic in 250 words: “My Future Plan of Life”.

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