Sample Model Question on class 5 PEC

Sample Model Question on class 5 PEC

Sample Model Question on class 5 PEC


CLASS: Five  ( English )

Full Marks: 100                                                                        

Duration: 2.00 Hours

Read the text and answer the question 1, 2 and 3.

Once there was an old farmer who had three sons. They always quarreled with one another. One day the old farmer called his sons to bring some sticks and tied them in a bundle. He told them to break the bundle. They tried but could not break the bundle of the sticks. Then he told them to untie the bundle and gave a stick to sons and asked them to break it. Then all of them broke the stick easily. The farmer told them that if they would remain separate and quarrel with one another, the enemy would easily defeat them. But if they remained united like the bundle, they would be stronger and the enemy could not do any harm to them. At this the three sons learnt a great lesson and began to live unitedly and happily.

  1.     Choose the best answer.                                                       1×10= 10
  2. A)     How many sons did the farmer have?

(i) three (ii) four (iii) five (iv) six

  1. B) What did the farmer call his sons to bring?

(i) plough (ii) leveler (iii) sticks (iv) rope

  1. C) What did he do with the sticks?

(i) tied in a bundle (ii) gave a stick each (iii) break them (iv) beat his sons with them

  1. D) He told them to ———- the bundle.

(i) tie (ii) untie (iii) break (iv) sell

  1. E) The old farmer told sons to be ————————.

(i) helpful (ii) separated (iii) hard working (iv) united

  1. F) How did the three sons break the sticks?

(i) easily (ii) slowly (iii) fast (iv) at once 

  1. G) When couldn’t the enemy do any harm to them? If they ———————–.

(i) remain separated (ii) quarrel with each other (iii) remain united (iv) work together

  1. H) What is the passage about?

(i) importance of unity (ii) honesty (iii) importance of working hard (iv) how to tie a bundle of sticks

  1. I) Why did they break the sticks at first? Because the sticks were —————.

(i) very hard (ii) very heavy (iii) very long (iv) tied in a bundle

  1. j) if they remained united like the bundle, they would be ———————.

(i)happier (ii) stronger (iii) poorer (iv) richer


  1. Fill in the blanks of the following sentences.                                     1×5= 5
  2. a)    The old farmer –——- three sons.
  3. b)    They tried to break but ————.
  4. c)    The enemy would easily ———- them.
  5. d)    They began to live ————–.
  6. e)    At last the old farmer was able to teach his sons a   ——–.


  1. Answer the following questions.                          1
  2. b) Why did the farmer call his sons?                                 1
  3. c) When could the three sons break the sticks?               1
  4. d) What did the three sons learn?                                    2
  5. e) What is the moral of the passage?                               2
  6. f) Write three sentences about ‘unity’.                                                       

3  Read the given text and answer the questions 4, 5 and 6.

Babul is a student of class five. His father had a small grocery shop in Dublar Char. His mother was a worker in a shrimp hatchery. They had a small house. Babul lived there with his sister Nipa and his grandparents. Babul’s neighbors were his uncles. They lived a happy life in that remote small Island. On the day of Ayla, it was drizzling from the morning. In the afternoon, the wind started to blow. By the evening, both the rain and the wind became too strong. The water in the river started to rise too. A strong wind blew their roof away. Another wind blew Babul off his feet and threw him away in a paddy field. Babul held on a fallen tree strongly. He could hear breaking sounds of trees and buildings all around. People were screaming and crying. Every thing was so dark. Babul fainted.


  1. Choose the best answer.              1×10=10                          
  2. i) Where did his mother work

(a) in a hatchery   (b) in a house      (c ) in a shrimp hatchery      (d)  in a shop

  1. ii) How was Babul’s house?

(a)  big                   (b) tiny                   (c ) tin-shed                         (d) building

iii) What is Babul’s father?

(a)a shopkeeper      (b) a businessman   (c ) a doctor            (d) a farmer

  1. iv)  How many members are there in Babul’s family?

(a) five                     (b)four                     (c ) seven                           (d) six

  1. v) Babul’s residence was in——- -.

(a) an island             (b) a village              (c ) town                                 (d)river .

  1. vi) What is Ayla?

(a) storm                  (b) river                     (c)  wind                           (d) rain

vii) What class does Babul read in?

 (a)   f our                         (b) five                        (c) three (d) six

viii. Why were people screaming and crying?

(a) because of joy     (b)because of fear 

(c ) because of rain   (d) because of death

  1. ix)   A/wind/blew/strong/their/roof/away.

(a)  A wind blew strong their roof away.

(b) A strong wind blew their roof away.

(c)  Blew their roof away a strong wind.

(d)       A strong blew their roof away wind.

  1. x)    Find out the word in which capital letter has been used properly.

(a) nipa                    (b) babul           (c)  Dublar Char                          (d)Ayla

 5.Match the words with their meanings.  1×55                                                                          

Column A


Column B


















6.Answer the following questions.                                         1+1+3=5

(a)                 Where did Babul’s family live?

(b)                What was Babul’s father?

(c)                  Describe a stormy night you  have experienced.

  1. Rearrange the given five sentences in the correct order to a meaningful story. 1×5= 5 

The doctor says that she has got the flu. She didn’t go to school. Raka is at home. He has prescribed Raka some medicines. She has a cough , a sore throat and a fever.  

8.Rewrite the following sentences using punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary.           1×5= 5

  1. a)    rina opens her umbrella
  2. b)    suddenly it blows away
  3. c)    did the wind take it
  4. d)   it sails high above the hill
  5. e)    will the wind give it back
  6. Write the following words, sentences correctly so that they make sense.                          1×5= 5
  7. a) ywoell
  8. b) ssageme
  9. c)  What are eat you you
  10. d) A drink of lot liquids.
  11. e) You what call people do? 
  12. Translate into English.    1×5= 5    

আমি সানজিদা। আমি পঞ্চম শ্রেণিতে পড়ি। আমার কিছু বন্ধু আছে। আমি তাদের খুব পছন্দ করি। আমরা বিরতীর সময় একসাথে খেলি।

  1. Translate into Bangla.            1×5= 5    

The computer is an electronic device. It is recent invention of science. It has become an essential part of our modern life. It has brought about revolutionary changes in our life. We can do even a day without it.

  1. Read the following situation.  Make a request dialogue and response using would or could.     5

You want to know how to plant a tree


  1. Imagine you want to get admission in a school. Now fill the form out with the information about yourself.  5                                                          




  1.     Name                                       :
  2.     Father’s name                         :
  3.     Mother’s name                    :
  4.     Date of birth                             : day ———- month ———— year ——–            
  5.     Present address                  : Village ———— P.O. ———-

                                                                  Thana ——– Dist. ————–

  1.     Permanent address               Village ———— P.O. ———-

                                                                Thana ——– Dist. ————

  1. Write a short composition about ‘Your Home Town’ using the following cues. 10                             
  2. a) The name of your home town.
  3. b) Type of the town.
  4. c) The location, size and population of the town.
  5. d) Some places of interest in or around your hometown.
  6. e) Some famous people from your hometown.


  1. Suppose you Sanjida. Write a letter to your friend about your visit to the St. Martin’s island. 10



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